How Often Should You Power Wash Your Home?

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The question, “How often should you power wash your home” can also be phrased, “How long is a piece of string?”

For those of us who take pride in our properties and aim to keep them in pristine condition, professional pressure washer services are essential. The big question is how often to call in these well-equipped specialists to blast away dirt and debris.

We’re taking a closer look at how often you should be pressure washing your home, and what factors come into play. Let’s explore this together.

Why Pressure Wash Your Home?

By way of a quick overview, we want to make certain that you appreciate the value of a pressure washing service and why it matters.

No matter where you live, the elements will take their toll on the outside of your property. Attending to a build-up of dirt, mould and mildew, and other debris should be considered routine maintenance. Not only will this protect your external paint job, but it will also highlight areas that need repair.

When to Wash

While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, the best practice is to book pressure washer cleaning services at least once a year, However, if you live near the coast or on a busy road with a lot of pollution then you may find that the exterior of your home starts looking dull and grimy sooner, requiring a bi-annual visit from your cleaning crew. 

Are you planning on repainting the exterior of your home? Most diligent homeowners will repaint every 5 – 7 years and a powerful and thorough clean of the existing paintwork will go a long way towards prepping your home for its new look. 

Stormy weather can throw up a ton of debris onto your roof and driveway. After a bad spell, a good pressure clean can tidy up your exterior while exposing any damage that needs attention.

Is it time to sell? To get the best price on your property it needs to look its best. Your estate agent will confirm that a clean drive and a bright exterior give a wonderful first impression. These small details tell your prospective buyers that you care for your property and it’s been well-maintained. 

Some choose to freshen up outside areas ready for summer barbeques. Tiled patios, wooden decks, and even some outdoor furniture are left beautifully clean and prepared for family fun in the sun.

A word of caution; pressure washing your home too often can damage your paintwork and compromise siding or guttering. It’s a good idea to be guided by professionals in the industry.

Pressure Washer Services… at Your Service 

Employing pressure washer services to regularly clean up the outside of your property is a smart investment. This is simply the fastest and most effective way to clean brick or pebble-dashed surfaces, painted walls, or concrete drives leaving them looking like new. 

Not only do our team know exactly how to pressure wash your home. We come fully equipped to clean and seal porous surfaces such as block paving, concrete, and natural stone.

We’d like to invite you to contact us for a free quote and let us work our magic on your property.

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