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Driveway Cleaning Swansea

    Driveway Cleaning Swansea

    Residential Driveway Cleaning near me

    If your looking for a local, reputable company with over 10 years of experience and competitive pricing to clean your drive you have found the right company.

    Welcome to Swansea Clean & Seal 

    My name is Chris and I know Cleaning your Driveway is an important task to do when you own a home. It’s not only good for your curb appeal, but it helps to prevent growth such as moss and algae from growing when maintained regularly.

    There is no need to worry though! On this page, we discuss some of the best ways to clean and maintain your drive and keep it looking beautiful for years to come. 

    Read on to learn more about how you can clean your drive easily and quickly!

    Here are four different and effective techniques for maintaining your driveway yourself. 

    • Use a leaf blower to remove excess debris and leaves.
    • Apply a weed and or moss killer at least twice yearly
    • Use a dedicated cleaning solution twice yearly 
    • Rinse the surface at least twice a year using a pressure washer.
    • Alternatively, you can hire a professional service

    For more detailed information we have outlined here 4 reasons to hire a professional driveway cleaning service

    Swansea Clean & Seal
    Swansea Clean & Seal

    5 reasons why you should choose us

    • Trained by a National company called Smartseal 
    • Approved by Smartseal to cover all of South Wales 
    • We live local in Swansea and are not a Franchise
    • 5 star reviews
    • Over 10 years experience Cleaning and Sealing Drives


    Swansea Clean & Seal

    What Surfaces can we clean ?

    clay driveway cleaning swansea
    • Blockpaving
    • Clay 
    • Imprinted Concrete 
    • Sandstone 
    • Granite 
    • Limestone 
    • Slate 
    • Quarry Tiles 
    • Wooden Decking 

    If you have another type of surface that isnt on this list, don’t panic! Just give us a call 

    How much does it cost to clean a drive?

    The price of driveway cleaning prices can vary greatly, depending on the type of surface.

    To restore your driveway to a pristine condition, you will need more than just using water with high pressure.

    There are many variables that come into play when it comes time for the price of a Swansea pressure washing service such as: 

    • How big is the area?
    • Type of surface.
    • Condition of 
    • Access

    Many professional companies charge either ‘per square metre’ or charge their daily rate.  Expect to pay a higher price for companies that have been trained, have a good reputation and experience.

    Typically, prices would start from £3.00 upwards per square metre.  However, if you were to have ‘Sealing service’ applied afterwards this can range from at least £10 per square metre depending on the severity of the surface.  

    For more information, you can read here, 


    What are the benefits of cleaning your driveway?

    There are numerous benefits of driveway cleaning services. Boosting the curb appeal and making you feel better about yourself will not only improve how others perceive your home but also bring value in terms of price through increased property values.

    Here we highlight 7 benefits of getting your driveway cleaned:

    • You know that old saying about the value of saving time and effort? Well, when it comes to cleaning your block paving or concrete driveway surface you should think about all those hours spent scrubbing off dirt as wasted. Let our Swansea Clean & Seal do the hard work. 
    • Apply Sealant: Adding a long-lasting sealer to your driveway further protects the surface from weather damage, cracking, and fading. Having the surface washed correctly beforehand ensures no dirt is present prior to application.
    • Make your patio or driveway look like new: Imagine the satisfaction of walking onto your freshly cleaned drive. You’ll feel like it’s brand new again!
    • Remove mold, algae, and moss: Mildew and moss can quickly take over a driveway. Power washing it regularly keeps them at bay, so you don’t have to worry about water damage or structural problems with your home’s foundation because of unsightly surface growths.
    • Oil stains: Oil stains are never fun whatever the surface, and treating them at your earliest convenience you will have more success in removing them.
    • Treat Weeds: Weed seeds can germinate in cracks and crevices, so it’s important to keep your driveway or patio clean of weeds. Regular treatment will kill those stubborn plants quickly and you’ll be able to enjoy a weed-free space!
    • Extend the lifespan of your driveway: With regular washing, you can prevent the aging of your surfaces by removing all that unwanted Algae, Lichen, weeds, and dirt. 

    See here for more information and the benefits of using exterior cleaning services like pressure washing, patio cleaning, and driveway cleaning.

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    How often should you have your driveway cleaned in order to maintain its appearance and health?

    If you’re a homeowner, then you know that nothing makes your home look worse than having a dirty driveway. In fact, according to the National Concrete Association, most people see driveways as an indication of how well homeowners take care of their property and often judge them on this. 

    We will explain why it’s so important to have your driveway professionally cleaned at least twice per year in order to maintain its appearance.

    Most professionals will recommend that you have your driveway pressure washed at least twice a year. Maintenance is also vital as we discussed above such as using a ‘leaf blower’ weekly to remove any excess build up of leaves and grit.

    Lastly, once you notice that the surface is becoming dirty or overgrown with moss and weeds you should immediately apply a suitable product that will kill these.

    With these tips in mind, how often might one think about washing their drive? Ideally whenever possible but if life gets busy sometimes we neglect our own homes which may lead them into poor condition fast enough before anyone notices – don’t let yourself get caught out without doing something about immediately.

    Similar to how you regularly clean the inside of your home to keep it looking great, and in top condition, you should apply the same principes to the exterior of your home.  

    You can read more information here on How often should you have your driveway cleaned in order to maintain its appearance and health


    Like most things, your drive needs to be cleaned periodically. Hiring a professional company by typing into google Driveway Cleaning service near me is the best option. 

    Swansea Clean & Seal will get the job done right the first time! 

    If you need help with any of these tasks, we’re here for you! Give us a call today to see how we can help transform your home.

    “We have the most google reviews in all of South Wales “ please click the google link to view these reviews for yourself ...........

    James Ethridge
    James Ethridge
    I impressed with the work of Chris. The attention to detail and knowledge meant my path and patio were cleaned without damage to the surrounding area. I was truly amazed at the result and I daily admire the effect. He even cleaned my patio table and chairs. It is obvious ,Chris is not only a professional in his field but also in his attitude to his customers. The best patio cleaning service in Swansea, highly recommended!!!!
    Chris Lawler
    Chris Lawler
    Chris has done a brilliant job on our driveway which we thought was in a state of disrepair. The work was a fraction of the price of a new driveway and actually looks like new. I would highly recommend this company. 10/10 and an extremely happy customer.
    Elizabeth Syred
    Elizabeth Syred
    Chris took time to explain all aspects of the work involved when initially contacted. Very good professional service, with advice on care and maintenance.
    Sonia Richards
    Sonia Richards
    Very impressed with company. Arrived on time and left premises completely clean. Driveway looks as new. Would highly recommend.
    Law Darley
    Law Darley
    Clean and Seal provided a fantastic service in cleaning and sealing my sandstone patio. Chris is extremely knowledgeable on the subject and can provide advice on any patio/driveway cleaning issues.
    Fix My Spine
    Fix My Spine
    Chris did a fantastic job on our drive at a competitive price. He worked really hard and the drive now looks brand new again. Thanks very much for all the expert advice you gave us as well. Fab job! Thoroughly recommend.
    Victor Cosh
    Victor Cosh
    Very professional job and good technical support. Very happy with the work and definitely use again.
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