How to Protect Your Driveway From Sea Salt

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Are you wondering how to protect your home’s driveway from sea salt and other natural dangers? Driveway protection services could be the right choice, as they can help extend the life of your current driveway.

Naturally, it’s also an excellent idea to consider common causes of driveway damage. That way, you can take measures to prevent them and protect your driveway.

In this guide, we’ll explore why Swansea driveway cleaning services might be the ideal solution to your driveway’s protection problems.

What Causes Driveway Damage?

There are a handful of common culprits that often contribute to driveway damage. Some of the most notable of these causes include:

  • UV radiation
  • Moisture
  • Corrosive substances

Homeowners looking to maintain their driveway and extend its lifespan should be mindful of these damaging factors. It’s also worthwhile to take preventative measures to stop them from causing significant harm.

Still, some sources of damage, such as UV radiation, can be challenging to combat or avoid. 

UV Radiation

Sunshine can be a welcome sight, but it can also become a damaging natural element. Just as you need skin protection before heading out on a sunny day, your driveway could benefit from UV protection.

Applying a sealant on your driveway is the best way to protect it from excessive UV radiation. However, sealants can peel and fade over time, especially when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Moisture can also strip away the uppermost layers of your driveway, leaving it unprotected against the sun, rain, and wind.


Anyone who has ever spent time living by the sea knows the havoc that excess moisture can wreak. Moisture breeds mould, and mould is the constant enemy of any home near the water.

That’s because many moulds and fungi can eat through almost any organic material. Mould is even powerful enough to consume concrete! As a result, your driveway can become a mouldy mess if you don’t protect it.

Additionally, rain and wind are two of the primary forces that cause erosion. As such, wet driveways may crumble away and erode more quickly than dry ones.

Corrosive Substances

Corrosive substances, like salt, can also cause significant damage to a driveway. Though salt grains might seem too small to make a difference in a driveway’s finish and condition, they can slowly destroy a concrete slab.

Though most driveways are made of hard materials, these bits of stone or concrete aren’t completely whole. Instead, they have microscopic openings and grooves.

When the wind blows in from the ocean, tiny grains of salt fill the holes and gaps. They then absorb any moisture sitting inside these nooks and crannies, expanding as they do so.

This sudden growth causes the surrounding structure to expand and weaken slightly. Over time, salt and water can corrode a driveway down into tiny bits of rubble. It can also ruin your car’s paint job!

Why Invest in Driveway Protection?

A driveway isn’t only a place to park your car. It’s also an entryway into your home and a part of its visible exterior. Therefore, if your driveway is damaged, it might reflect poorly on the rest of your home.

Additionally, a bumpy or cracked driveway could add strain to your car’s suspension. If left unrepaired, these cracks can expand and transform your driveway into a patchwork of gravel and stone blocks.

Protecting your driveway from long-term damage is an excellent way to prevent costly and time-consuming repairs. Driveway protection services can also keep your driveway looking attractive and well-maintained.

All in all, it’s wise to invest in driveway protection services to extend the life of your driveway, prevent significant wear and tear, and improve your home’s overall appearance.

Driveway Cleaning Services

One of the best ways to maintain your driveway is to clean it!

After all, the average driveway typically has several layers of dirt, motor oil, petrol droplets, and pollen sitting across it. If you live near the sea, you can add salt to this list of common driveway debris. 

Still, scrubbing away the layers of filth from your driveway’s surface can be a tedious and time-consuming task, especially if your driveway is particularly long. But driveway cleaning services could be a smart solution.

To keep your driveway looking its best, you should choose a cleaning service that offers in-depth pressure washing. After only a few passes under a pressure washing hose, those layers of grime will come peeling off!

Scheduling Driveway Cleaning Services

While some may be tempted to schedule driveway cleaning services only once per year, it’s often far better to aim for bi-annual cleanings. Scheduling an early spring and late summer pressure wash is often best.

A spring driveway cleaning is primarily about removing set-in salt, dirt, and foliage that has settled during autumn and winter. This cleaning is a fantastic way to prevent mould and algae growth.

A summer driveway cleaning is also helpful, as it can whip away layers of pollen or dust that might have settled throughout the warmer seasons of the year. A cleaning also prepares your driveway for the colder autumn months.

Additional Cleaning Services to Consider

Keeping your home’s exterior looking sharp can be a hassle without outside help. That’s why, in addition to driveway cleaning services, you might also want to consider additional household maintenance services.

Pressure washing services can help you spruce up your patio pavers and give your back garden a clean, organized look. They can also help you clear your home’s gutters, keeping your roof and foundation in top-notch shape.

When you choose Swansea Clean & Seal, you’re choosing a team of experienced exterior cleaners that can clean your driveway, patio, gutters, and more. Driving cleaning in Swansea has never been simpler!

Find Swansea Driveway Cleaning 

Your driveway might be built to last, but if you’re not doing all you can to protect it, it could crumble and corrode over just a few years. That’s why driveway protection treatments services are crucial.

Not only could a twice-annual driveway cleaning keep your driveway in excellent condition, but it’s also bound to improve the look of your home. Of course, pressure washing your home exterior can also add curb appeal.

Find driveway cleaning near me with Swansea Clean & Seal! Contact us today for more information or to schedule a service.

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